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University of California, Davis
civil conflict, external support, strategic nonviolence, social network analysis, research methods
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I am a PhD Candidate in the University of California, Davis Department of Political Science. My major field of study is International Relations with a secondary emphasis in Research Methods. My research focuses on the role of external actors in violent and nonviolent civil conflict. Specifically I am interested in understanding how external support influences 1) when groups choose violent or nonviolent strategies, 2) the strategic behavior of groups and target governments during civil conflict, and 3) the outcomes of violent and nonviolent civil conflicts.¬†As a graduate student researcher I have been able to participate in projects ranging from the effect of shocks on international networks to the creation and management of data on the world’s languages. As a teaching assistant and summer abroad on-site coordinator I have been able to work closely with many of the students at UC Davis and assist them with their academic and professional goals. I look forward to teaching my own undergraduate class in the Summer, 2016.

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