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United Kingdom
University of Edinburgh
Race, gender, intersectionality, activism, social movements, civil society organisations
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Akwugo Emejulu is a political sociologist and has research interests in two areas: investigating racial and gender social and economic inequalities in a comparative perspective and exploring the grassroots activism of women of colour for social welfare and social citizenship in Europe and the United States.

Recent Publications

Bassel, L. and Emejulu, A. (forthcoming 2017) The Politics of Survival: Minority Women, Activism and Austerity in France and Britain. Bristol: Policy Press.

Emejulu, A. (2015) Community Development as Micropolitics: Comparing Theories, Policies and Politics in America and Britain. Bristol: Policy Press.

Emejulu, A. and Scanlon, E. (2016) ‘Community Development and the Politics for Social Welfare: Rethinking Redistribution and Recognition Struggles in the United States’, Community Development Journal, 51(1): 42-59.

Emejulu, A. and Bassel, L. (2015) ‘Minority Women, Activism and Austerity’, Race & Class 57(2): 86-95.

Bassel, L. and Emejulu, A. (2014) ‘Solidarity under Austerity: Intersectionality in France and the United Kingdom’, Politics & Gender, 10(1): 130-136.

Emejulu, A. (2013) ‘Being and Belonging in Scotland: Exploring the Intersection of Ethnicity, Gender and National Identity among Scottish Pakistani Groups’, Scottish Affairs, 84(3): 41-64.

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Britain, France, United States

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