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University of Texas
Congress, Twitter, Policy, Media, Agenda Setting, Legislative Studies
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My research focuses on policymakers in Congress with an emphasis on how members of Congress prioritize issues and use new media measures like Twitter. I am especially interested in how members of Congress differ in their media outputs, and how we can predict the content of these outputs.

My research also examines the factors that shape the institutional agenda and the media agenda. I consider the role that resources and attention play in the evolution of policy agendas over time, and differences in the types of policies pursued by members of Congress as elections near.

Recent Publications
  • Eissler, Rebecca, Annelise Russell, and Bryan D. Jones. 2014. “New Avenues for the Study of Agenda Setting.” Policy Studies Journal Yearbook.
  • Russell, Annelise and Rebecca Eissler. “The Policy Agendas Project.” Spring 2016. American Governance.
  • Russell, Annelise, Rebecca Eissler, and Bryan D. Jones. “On Punctuated Equilibrium Approaches” Contemporary Approaches to Public Policy. Philippe Zittoun and B. Guy Peters. (Forthcoming)
  • Mortensen, Peter Bjerre, Annelise Russell, Rebecca Eissler. “Local Government Agenda Setting” Handbook on Agenda Setting. Ed. Nikolaos Zahariadis. (Forthcoming)
  • Boydstun, Amber and Annelise Russell. “From Crisis to Stasis: Media Dynamics and Issue Attention in the News” Shantou Iyengar. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (Forthcoming)
  • Russell, Annelise, Maraam Dwidar and Bryan Jones. “Media and the Policy Agenda.” Shantou Iyengar. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (Forthcoming)
  • Russell, Annelise and Maxwell McCombs. “The Media.” John Hird. Policy Analysis in the U.S. (Forthcoming)
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Monkey Cage

This is how candidates are trying to tell you what they really think. (Hint: it’s not through the news media.)Washington Post.

“Will Donald Trump really build that wall? Here’s a new research tool for finding out which promises presidents keep.” Washington Post.

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USA, Denmark

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