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Leipzig University, Germany
Human trafficking, state ethnography, bureaucracy, citizen participation and representation, city planning
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I am a political scientist trained in Germany.

In my current research, which is part of a broader research project led by Rebecca Pates and Mathilde Darley (“Institutionalizing Trafficking), I study how several state and non-state institutional actors on a local level organize around the issue of human sex trafficking and especially around the figure of the victim. This also includes the interaction with each other and with the victims themselves.

In m PhD thesis (which I have completed and will be defending in July 2016), I have dealt with issues of citizen participation and political representation on a local level, focusing especially on the influence of seemingly quite technical issues such as the production and employment of several kinds of documents (statistics, reports and maps) and techniques of making citizen voices “count”.


Recent Publications

 2016: “Schwierige Verhältnisse: Menschenhandelsopfer und Geschlecht in Gerichtsverfahren/ Difficult relations: How the Gender of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings affect Trial Outcomes”, In: Femina Politica (Vol 25/1), p. 24-38. (with Rebecca Pates and Julia Leser)

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