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Stanford University
American political behavior, public opinion, race and ethnicity, identity
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American politics, public opinion, political behavior, race and ethnicity, identity, multiracialism

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Davenport, Lauren D. 2016. “Beyond Black and White: Biracial Attitudes in Contemporary U.S. Politics.” American Political Science Review 110(1).
Davenport, Lauren D. 2016. “The Role of Gender, Class, and Religion in Biracial Americans’ Racial Labeling Decisions.” American Sociological Review 81(1).
“Racial Cueing Across Minorities: A Survey Experiment on Candidate Evaluation in the U.S.” Forthcoming, Public Opinion Quarterly (with Claire L. Adida and Gwyneth McClendon)

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Prof. Davenport’s work has received attention from national media outlets including NPR, CNN, Time magazine, and NBC News.

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