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United Kingdom
University of York
International relations, security studies, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, Foreign Policy Analysis, Middle East studies
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I am a PhD Candidate in international security and teaching assistant in the Department of Politics, University of York, UK. I earned her MA in international relations at Allameh Tabatabaei University, Iran. Currently, I am conducting a doctoral research on the impact of Iranian élite conceptions of national identity on decisions affecting Iran’s nuclear program and P5+1 nuclear negotiations. I was a boot camper at the 2015 Nuclear History Boot Camp with Wilson Center NPIHP in Rome, Italy and a current boot camper at the Public Policy and Nuclear Threats boot camp at the University of California, San Diego. My interests include: nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, foreign policy analysis, security studies, Iran’s nuclear program, global nuclear order, and theories of international relations. Her contributions and commentaries appeared in the Lobelog, BASIC, and Iran Wire.

Recent Publications
  • “Iranian Hardliners vs. Reformists: The Future of the JCPOA”, Lobelog, April 28, 2016. Online available at:
  • “Iran’s Nuclear Program: A Narrative of National Identity”, IranWire, July 27, 2015. Online available at:
  • “Iranian Media on the Nuclear Issue”, Lobelog, April 22, 2015. Online available at: media-on-the-nuclear-issue/
  • “Hardline Clerics Take the Helm of the Assembly of Experts”, Lobelog, March 11, 2015. Online available at:
  • “How would Iran & P5+1 agreement on Monday be greeted by the negotiators?”, British American Security Infor- mation Council (BASIC), November 21, 2014. Online available at: would-iran-p51-agreement-monday-be-greeted-negotiators
  • “Islands and International Politics in the Persian Gulf: Abu Musa and the Tunbs in Strategic Perspective”- book re- view, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, September 2014, Online available at: http://www
  • “Support for Nuclear Talks Strong Among Iranians, But Concerns Linger”, National Iranian American Council (NI- AC), September 19, 2014. Online available at: iranians-concerns-linger/
  • Cooperation and Conflict in Outer Space International Regimes for Khorsandi Publications (Books based on my MA thesis)
  • “The Role of Diplomacy in Gas Export Policies: Iran’s Peace Pipeline Prospects”, Iran Export Magazine, Nov 2008/No.95, Tehran- Iran
  • “Iran’s Great Opportunity: Europe’s Gas Problems”, Iran Export Magazine, Feb-Mar 2009 /No.96
  • “US Threats against Iran”, Hamshahri Diplomatic, No. 41, May 2010
  • “Formation of a New Government in Iraq: Scenarios and Possibilities”, Hamshahri Diplomatic, No. 44, Oct 2010
  • “Ahmadinejad’s Visit to Lebanon”, Hamshahri Diplomatic, No. 45, Nov 2010
  • “The Oral History of the Community of Combatant Clergies of Tehran” – book review, Politics and Religion Journal, Volume III (No. 1), Spring 2009
  • “Transition of the Concept of Tyrant Ruler in Shiism Political Jurisprudence”- book review, Politics and Religion Journal, Volume III (No. 2), Autumn 2009
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Iran, U.S.

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