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Joesten Martin
California State University, Sacramento
American politics, political behavior, campaigns and elections
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I am an assistant professor in the Department of Government at California State University, Sacramento.

My areas of research are American politics and political methodology. I use experimental methods and survey data to study proximity voting, voters’ decision making processes, and campaigns in the United States. I have substantive interests in political behavior, voting and elections, race and ethnic politics, political campaigns, and public opinion.

Recent Publications
  • Bradford Jones and Danielle Joesten Martin. 2016. “Path to Citizenship or Deportation? How Elite Cues Shape Opinion on Immigration in the 2010 U.S. House Elections.” Political Behavior.
  • Adams, James, Erik Engstrom, Danielle Joesten Martin, Jon Rogowski, Boris Shor, and Walter J. Stone. 2016. “Do Moderate Voters Weigh Candidates’ Ideologies? Voters’ Decision Rules in the 2010 Congressional Elections.” Political Behavior.
  • Joesten, Danielle A. and Walter J. Stone. 2014. “Reassessing Proximity Voting: Expertise, Party, and Choice in Congressional Elections.” Journal of Politics, 76(3): 740-753.
  • Nalder, Kimberly, Meredith Conroy, and Danielle Joesten Martin. “The Two Hillary Clintons: How Supporters and Detractors Describe the Democratic Nominee.” London School of Economics’ American Politics and Policy (USAPP) blog post. July 2016.
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