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Arizona State University
cultural policy; cultural entrepreneurship; arts policy; arts entrepreneurship
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My career is hybrid. For the past ten years, my scholarly work, as well as my teaching and academic service, has focused on defining the nascent trans-discipline “arts entrepreneurship” generally and exploring arts incubation practices more specifically. I approach the study of art not through the lenses of history and aesthetic criticism but rather as a policy analyst (my PhD is in Public Administration and Policy) and an artist (my MFA is in Design for Stage and Screen). As such, I approach my analysis dramaturgically, assessing the given conditions, the setting, the actors in the arts economy, their motivations, and the potential outcomes for both individuals and the economic and social systems of which we are all part.

Recent Publications

“Means and Ends: A Theory Framework for Understanding Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Arts and Culture Sector,” Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, 45 (4), 2015.

“Arts Incubators: A Typology,” Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society 44(3), 169-180, 2014.

“Ownership, Failure, And Experience: Goals And Evaluation Metrics Of University-Based Arts Venture Incubators,” Entrepreneurship Research Journal 4(1), pp. 117-135, 2014.

“n=1” in S. Woodson and T. Underiner (eds) Theatre, Performance, and Theories of Change. Forthcoming from Palgrave-MacMillan.l


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USA, Georgia

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