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University of Kansas
Political Communication, News/Journalism, Incivility, Digital News, Media Effects
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My research broadly focuses on the content and effects of political media. More specifically, I study political incivility and how incivility in the news affects citizens’ involvement in politics.  I also am a Faculty Research Associate with the Engaging News Project, a research team that uses academic research to help digital news organizations reach out to news users in both democratically beneficial and commercially viable ways.

Recent Publications

Scacco, J. M., Muddiman, A., & Stroud, N. J. (in press). The influence of online quizzes on the acquisition of public affairs knowledge. Journal of Information Technology & Politics.


Stroud, N. J., Muddiman, A., & Scacco, J. M. (in press). Like, recommend, or respect? Altering political behavior in news comment sections. New Media and Society.


Stroud, N. J., Scacco, J. M., Muddiman, A., & Curry, A. L. (2015). Changing deliberative norms on news organizations’ Facebook sites. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, 20, 188–203.


Stroud, N. J., Muddiman, A., & Lee, J. K. (2014). Seeing media as out group members: An evaluation of bias perceptions. Journal of Communication, 64, 874-894.


Brundidge, J., Reid, S., Choi, S., & Muddiman, A. (2014). The “Deliberative Digital Divide:” Opinion leadership and integrative complexity in the U.S. political blogosphere. Political Psychology, 35, 741–755.


Muddiman, A., Stroud, N. J., & McCombs, M. (2014). Media fragmentation, attribute agenda setting, and political opinions about Iraq. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 58, 215-233.

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