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University of Konstanz
Public Sector Innovation, Social Media
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  1. Mergel, I.: Drivers and Barriers for Open Innovation in the Public Sector, accepted for publication in: Public Management Review, Special Issue: Digital Government and Public Management.
  2. Mergel, I.: Agile Innovation Management, accepted for publication in: Government Information Quarterly.
  3. Mergel, I., Rethemeyer, R. K., Isett, K. (2016): Big Data in Public Affairs, accepted for publication in: Public Administration Review, xx:x, pp. xxx-xxx, DOI: 10.1111/puar.12625.
  4. Wukich, C., Mergel, I. (2016): Reusing Social Media Information in the Public Sector, in: Government Information Quarterly, 33:2, pp. 305-312.
  5. Mergel, I. (2016): Big Data in Public Affairs Education, accepted for publication, in: Journal of Public Affairs Education, 22(2), pp. 231-248.
  6. Mergel, I. (2016): Social Media Institutionalization in the U.S. Federal Government, in: Government Information Quarterly, 33(1), pp. 142-148,
  7. Mergel, I. (2015): Open Collaboration in the Public Sector: The Case of Social Coding on Github, in: Government Information Quarterly, Vol. 32, pp. 464-472.
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