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Mary Fran
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University of New Hampshire
Latin America, comparative politics, crime, fear of crime, political behavior, public opinion, democracy, police, rule of law
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My research focuses on the current crime epidemic in Latin America, and its implications for democratic governance.  I examine the impact of the crime wave on citizens’ political attitudes (e.g., support for official abuse of power and vigilante justice) and behavior (e.g., participation in elections and protests).  I aim to determine the political consequences of personal experiences with crime, as well as perceptions of crime locally and nationally.  My work assesses the micro level consequences of crime in distinct national and sub-national settings, uncovering how political context can mediate the linkage between crime and political attitudes and behavior.  I also study the formation of justice institutions in Latin America, and the ability of these institutions to garner legitimacy in the eyes of average citizens.

Recent Publications

Malone, Mary Fran T.   2014.  The Rule of Law in Central America: Citizens’ Reactions to Crime and Punishment.  New York:  Bloomsbury Publishing.

Hiskey, Jonathan, Abby Córdova, Diana Orcés, and Mary Fran T. Malone.  2016. “Understanding the Central American Refugee Crisis: Why They Are Fleeing and How U.S. Policies Are Failing to Deter Them,” American Immigration Council Report.


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Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile

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