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El Kurd
University of Texas, Austin
repression, effect of international involvement on domestic politics, state-society relations, democratization, authoritarianism, political mobilization, civil-military relations, Arab world politics, experimental methods
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I am a PhD candidate at The University of Texas at Austin, specializing Comparative Politics and International Relations.

Theoretically, I’m interested in conflicts between states and their societies and the contentious politics they produce. I examine how authoritarian regimes try to implement policies and how external intervention may affect their success. My research lies at the intersection of comparative and IR research, particularly with regards to international influence on regime development.

Substantively, I’m interested in the Middle East and Arab world. My multi-method research focuses on how authoritarian regimes in the Arab world have maintained durability, or not, and how societies in the Arab world have developed as a result of this authoritarianism.

Topics of interest:
the effect of international involvement on domestic politics, state-society relations, repression, political mobilization, strategies of authoritarianism.

Recent Publications

Peer Reviewed:
El Kurd, D. (2014, Autumn). “Civil-Military Relations in Jordan: The Monarchy’s Wavering Grasp.” Parameters, 44(3).

Not Peer Reviewed:
El Kurd, D. (2015, October). “Intifada’s Revenge.” Foreign Affairs, Snapshot Online.

El Kurd, D. (2013, August). “The Military’s Evolving Role in Jordanian Political Reform.” Political Reflections, 36-40.

Under Review:
El Kurd, D. (2016). “De-mobilizing a Mobilized Society; The Effect of the Palestinian Authority on Political Expression.”

El Kurd, D. (2015). “Policing Expression: A Survey Experiment on Repression in Saudi Arabia.”

El Kurd & Stravers. (2016). “Importing Stability: American Military Presence and Regime Type in the Middle East.”

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Palestine, Arab world

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