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canterbury christ church university
Europe, decision making, international political economy, science and society, space, policy, policy making, genetic modification, technology, international relations of space,
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I am Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Canterbury Christ Church University, in Canterbury – England, where I have worked since 2007. Before taking this faculty position I studied at Newcastle University where I achieved my PhD on the EU’s moratorium on the authorisation of genetically modified foods and crops.

I have continued to research the regulation of biotechnology, as well as European policy making, however in the last two years my research interests have expanded to include space policy, and the politics and international relations of space activity.

Recent Publications

Lieberman, S (2017) “The popularisation of space: from pop-culture to public engagement, how our relationship with space technology has changed” Space Policy


Lieberman, S (2016) “Strange Spaces: an International Political Economy reading of operational space programmes” in Theorising European Space Policy eds Hoerber and Sigalas.


Lieberman, S (2013) “Using Facebook as an Interactive Learning Environment in European Political Studies” European Political Science advance online publication, 7 June 2013; doi:10.1057/eps.2013.30


Lieberman, S and Zito, A (2012) “Contested Frames: Comparing EU versus US GMO Policy” in eds. Howlett, M and Laycock, D Regulating Next Generation Agri-Food Biotechnologies, Routledge, London


Lieberman, S; Gray, T and Groom, AJR (2012) “Moratoria in international politics: a comparative analysis of the moratoria on genetically modified products and commercial whaling” British Journal of Politics and International Relations Volume 14, Issue 4, pages 518–533, November 2012

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