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gender & politics, political communication, political psychology, public opinion
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Bos, Angela L. and Monica C. Schneider, Eds. 2016. “The Political Psychology of Women in U.S. Politics.” Abingdon: Routledge Press.

Angela L. Bos. 2016. “The Unintended Effects of Political Party Affirmative Action Policies on Female Candidates’ Nomination Chances.” In “Gender and Political Psychology,” Ed. Zoe Oxley, Routledge.

Bos, Angela L., Monica C. Schneider and Brittany Utz. Forthcoming. “Gender Stereotypes and Prejudice in US Elections” In APA Handbook of the Psychology of Women, Cheryl Travis and Jackie White, Editors.

van Doorn, Bas W. and Angela L. Bos. 2017. “Are Visual Depictions of Poverty in the U.S. Gendered and Racialized?” In “The Social Legitimacy of Targeted Welfare: New Perspectives on Popular Welfare Deservingness Opinions”, Eds. Wim van Oorschot, Femke Roosma, Bart Meuleman and Tim Reeskens. London: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Monica C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos.  2016. “The Interplay of Party and Gender Stereotypes in Evaluating Political Candidates.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 37(3).

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