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University of Connecticut
infrastructure, cities, urban, pollution, water, environment, comparative politics, Latin America, field research, interviewing, qualitative methods
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I am Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut. I study Comparative Politics with a focus on  Latin America, cities and the environment.  I teach courses on Latin American politics, water and environmental politics, urban politics and policymaking, and qualitative research methods.

Recent Publications

Water and Politics: Clientelism and Reform in Urban Mexico. Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press. 2017.

“From Participatory Promises to Partisan Capture: Local Democratic Transitions and Citizen Water Boards in Mexico.” Comparative Politics. Forthcoming.

“Can Developing Countries both Decentralize and Depoliticize Urban Water Services? Evaluating the Legacy of the 1990s Reform Wave.” World Development. Volume 64 (December). pp. 621-641. 2014. (with Alison Post).

“Does Commercialization Undermine the Benefits of Decentralization for Local Services Provision? Evidence from Mexico’s Urban Water and Sanitation Sector.” World Development. Volume 56. (April). pp. 16-31. 2014.

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