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George Washington University
future of Journalism, social media & politics and journalism, technology/information flows (including algorithms and automation), political communication, political economy, democratic implications for declines in news industry, media effects, media theory, communication theory, media literacy, media credibility
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I study how news is changing in the digital age. Most recently, I have been thinking and writing about the relationship between politics, the public, and the changing nature of journalism and democracy from a variety of perspectives–how changes in data and consumption of data impact public opinion about politics (and beyond), how filter bubbles/echo chambers on social media actually work and the role journalists and platforms like Facebook play, the influence of algorithms upon political communication and news distribution, and beyond. I also look closely at the relationship between local news and the changes and challenges facing newsrooms, thinking critically about how these changes impact public trust, media credibility, and civic engagement.  My first book was on The New York Times and my second book was on the rise of data/Interactive Journalism.

Recent Publications


Usher, Nikki. (2016). Interactive News: Data, Code, and Hacker Journalism. Chicago: University of Illinois Press

Usher, Nikki. (2014). Making News at the New York Times. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Academic Papers

Usher, Nikki. (2017). Breaking News Production Processes in US Metropolitan Newsrooms: Immediacy and Journalistic Authority. Journalism, published online before print

Usher, Nikki. (2017). Making Business News: A Production Analysis of The New York Times. International Journal of Communication, 11. Retrieved from

Usher, Nikki. (2016). The Appropriation/Amplification Model of Citizen Journalism: An Account of the Structural Limitations and the Political Economy of Citizen Journalism. Journalism Practice. Published online before print. 

Carlson, Matt and Usher, Nikki. (2015). Out With The Newspaper Crisis, In With For-Profit News Startups: How Startup Manifestos Influence Metajournalistic Discourse. Digital Journalism. Published online before print.

Usher, Nikki (2015). Newsroom Moves and the Newspaper Crisis Reevaluated: Space, Place and Cultural Meaning. Media, Culture, and Society 37(7), 1005-1021.

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