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McGill University
Political theory, exclusion, exile, banishment, citizenship, punishment, mass incarceration, collateral consequences, criminalization, democratic theory, law and society
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I am a political theorist, specializing in the moral psychology of citizenship, the ethics of migration, punishment, and the history of political thought.  I have complementary research and teaching interests in American political development and public law.

I am especially interested in the often troubled relations between equal citizens, whether that manifests in the total rejection of exile or the loss of membership, the drift of particular moral judgments into constructions of criminality, or local-level issues of toleration and association.

My manuscript, “Exile in America: Political Expulsion and the Limits of Liberal Government” examines historical and current expulsion policies and explores their significance as expressive measures and tools of membership control. My next project considers how collateral consequences of conviction shape the experience of citizenship for the millions of people in the United States who have criminal convictions.

Recent Publications

“Beyond Disenfranchisement: Collateral Consequences and Equal Citizenship” (Forthcoming, Politics, Groups, and Identities)

“Exile as an Alternative to Incarceration? Justice, Solidarity, and the Conditions of Membership in the Modern Banishing Society.” In an edited volume on punishment (title not yet finalized), forthcoming in summer 2017. New York: Routledge



Media Coverage

 “This is why some U.S. judges banish convicts from their home communities.” The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog. March 16, 2017.

Podcast interview, L’avenir d’idées. “Les Alternatives à la prison.“ March 15, 2017.

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