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Canada, Brazil
University of British Columbia
Renewable energies, biofuels, Brazil, development assistance, South-South Cooperation, BRICS, emerging countries
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Since I began my post-secondary education, the core of my research interests have been centered upon two key elements: “politics” (latu sensu) and “international”. My research, publications, and academic interests have mostly originated from one or both these topics, which have been pursued through historical, contextualized, and qualitative analyses. Having degrees in Economy, Law, International Relations, and Political Science have provided me exposure to various ways in which “politics” and “international” are connected, thereby facilitating multidisciplinary analyses. Ultimately, my curiosity lies upon questions about how power (latu sensu) is construed and exerted among and within countries, particularly when done through public frameworks (ex: laws) and institutions (government, IOs).

My PhD thesis – entitled “Technical Cooperation as a Foreign Policy tool: Brazil and Biofuels” – examined the intersection between foreign policy and development assistance, focusing on non-coercive uses of power. It examined the broad question of why countries use technical cooperation within their development assistance programs, – i.e. what did donors expect from “giving” knowledge. I dealt with the split global governance structure of development assistance provided by OECD/DAC donors and by ‘Southern’ donors in the context of South-South Cooperation. I used the Brazil’s technical cooperation agreements related to biofuels – all unconditional and untied – as my critical case study, focusing on the period of Pres. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s tenure (2003-2010).

The confluence of my academic background with a growing interest in renewable energies has led me to both of my current positions at the University of British Columbia (UBC). First, I am a Sessional Lecturer at the Political Science Department, teaching Environmental Politics and Policy (Fall/2015) and Global Environmental Politics (Winter/2016). Second, I am currently finishing a one-year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at UBC’s Forest Products Biotechnology & Bioenergy (FPB) Group. My research here centered upon politics and policies (at international, national, and subnational levels) related to biofuels, especially to the so-called ‘advanced’ or ‘2nd generation non-food-based’ biofuels. This fellowship was supported by the International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy Task 39 (“Commercializing Liquid Biofuels”), under the supervision of Prof. Jack Saddler.

Since January 2016 I have begun another Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, this time in UBC’s Political Science Department, working with Prof. Kathryn Harrison on Alberta’s carbon tax. I am also a Postdoctoral Research Intern at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research (IAR), working on the G20 Hangzhou Initiative – Vision 20: International Summit on Global Governance, an academic conference co-organized by UBC-IAR (led by Prof. Yves Tiberghien), Zhejiang University (China), Council on Foreign Relations (USA), and the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs (Canada).

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