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University of Minnesota
laws of war, military medicine, costs of war, trends in armed conflict, sovereignty
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My research is on sovereignty, international law (especially the laws of war), and armed conflict. I am particularly interested in trends in warfare, and am currently working on a project that examines the changing costs of war in the U.S. as a result of improvements in military medicine.

Recent Publications
  1. “An Occult of Irrelevance? Multi-Method Research and Engagement with the Policy World.” Security Studies. 25:1.


  1. “A Particular Difference: European Identity and Civilian Targeting.” British Journal of Political Science. With Brooke C. Greene. 45:1, pp. 829-851.


  1. “Dead Wrong? Battle Deaths, Military Medicine, and Exaggerated Reports of War’s Demise.” International Security. 39:1, pp. 95-125.


  1. “Membership Has its Privileges: The Changing Benefits of Statehood.” International Studies Review. 16:1, pp. 79-106. With Ryan D. Griffiths.


  1. “The Demise of Peace Treaties in Interstate War.” International Organization. 67:4, pp. 695-724.


  1. “Why States No Longer Declare War.” Security Studies. 21:4, pp. 557-593.
Media Coverage

My research has been featured in The Atlantic,, El País, The New Republic, USA Today, and The Dish. I have written blog posts for various outlets, including The Monkey Cage at The Washington PostPolitical Violence at a Glance, The International Peace Institute, openDemocracy, and the International Relations and Security Network (ISN).

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