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University of New Mexico
Political communication, youth, digital media, public opinion, political behavior
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I study and teach Political Communication and American Politics. My research draws on scholarship in public opinion, media effects, political participation, civic engagement, and public policy.

My current projects explore the intersection of digital media and political behavior with a focus on youth. I am particularly interested in the influence of digital media technologies on the political socialization of youth and acquisition of political information from non-traditional sources.

I’ve been appointed as a 2015-2016 UNM Teaching Fellow to develop and study a Twitter-based curricular component for introductory American politics courses.

Recent Publications

Feezell, J.T. (Forthcoming). Predicting Online Political Participation: The Importance of Selection Bias and Selective Exposure in the Online Setting. Political Research Quarterly.

Feezell, J.T., Conroy, M., & Guerrero, M. (Forthcoming). The online socialization of citizenship norms and political participation of youth. Journal of Information Technology & Politics.

Boydstun, A.E., Feezell, J.T., Glazier, R.A., Jurka, T., Pietryka, M.T., & Reilly, J. (2014). Colleague crowdsourcing: A method for incentivizing national student engagement and large-N data collection. PS: Political Science and Politics, 47(4), 829-834.

Kahne, J., Lee, NJ, & Feezell, J.T. (2012). The civic and political impact of online participatory cultures among youth transitioning to adulthood. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 10(1), 1-20.

Conroy, M., Feezell, J.T., & Guerrero, M. (2012). Facebook is… fostering political engagement: A study of online social networking groups and offline participation. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(1), 1535-1546.

Kahne, J., Lee, NJ., & Feezell, J.T. (2012). Digital media literacy education and online civic and political participation. International Journal of Communication, 6, 1–20.

Kahne, J., Middaugh, E., Lee, NJ., & Feezell, J.T. (2012) Youth online activity and exposure to diverse perspectives. New Media and Society, 14(3), 1-21.

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