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United States
University of Kansas
Public administration, gender, social equity, law and society, military, gender and the workplace, bureaucracy, institutionalism
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Shannon Portillo, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Affairs and Administration at the University of Kansas. Dr. Portillo takes an interdisciplinary approach to her work pulling on organizational theories rooted in Public Administration and Law and Society to explore how rules and policies are carried out within public organizations. To date she has done work in a broad array of organizations including the military, problem-solving courts, probation, restorative justice programs, administrative hearings, policing, higher education and city management. Using a variety of methods, she collects empirical data to assess how social, cultural and legal factors influence the day-to-day operations in these organizations. Currently she has a projects exploring the integration of women into Special Forces in the Army and social equity in local government. Her work has appeared in Law & Policy, Administration & Society, Law & Social Inquiry, Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, Public Administration Review, The Huffington Post, and other outlets.

Recent Publications

Stayzk, Edmund, Randall Davis, and Shannon Portillo (forthcoming) “More Dissimilar than Alike? Public Values Preferences Across Minority and White Managers” Public Administration

Kras, Kim, Shannon Portillo and Faye Taxman (forthcoming) “Managing from the Middle: Frontline Supervisors and Perceptions of their Organizational Power” Law & Policy

Doan, Alesha and Shannon Portillo (2017) “Not a Woman, A Soldier: Exploring Identity through Translocational Positionality” Sex Roles 76(3): 236-249.

Portillo, Shannon (2017) “The Adversarial Process of Administrative Claims” Administration and Society, 49(2): 257-274.

Portillo, Shannon, Danielle Rudes and Faye Taxman (2016) “The Transportability of Contingency Management in Problem Solving Courts” Justice Quarterly 33(2): 267-290.

Portillo, Shannon and Danielle Rudes (2014) “Street-Level Construction of Justice” Annual Review of Law & Social Science 10: 321-324.

Portillo, Shannon (2012) “The Paradox of Rules: Rules as Resources and Constraints” Administration & Society. 44(1): 87-108.

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