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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Interest groups, Political Parties, Coalition Governments
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I am Full Professor and Chair of Comparative Political Behavior at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. I previously held positions as Full Professor and Chair of Comparative Politics at the University of Hamburg, as Professor of Empirical Political Science at the University of Bamberg, as Junior Professor at the University of Konstanz and as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Nuffield College at the University of Oxford. I received my PhD from the University of Mannheim.

My research interests include Comparative European Politics, Political Parties, Coalition Governments, Interest groups, Political Representation as well as Quantitative Text Analysis.

Recent Publications

Sagarzazu, Iñaki and Heike Klüver (forthcoming): Where have all the leaders gone? Evaluating the dynamics of parties issue attention in coalition governments, Social Science Quarterly

Klüver, Heike and Radoslaw Zubek (forthcoming): Minority Governments and Legislative Reliability: Evidence from Denmark and Sweden, Party Politics

Drüner, Dietrich, Heike Klüver, Ellen Mastenbroek and Gerald Schneider (forthcoming): The Core or the Winset? Explaining Decision-Making Duration and Policy Change in the European Union, Comparative European Politics

Klüver, Heike and Jae-Jae-Spoon (forthcoming): Challenges to multi-party governments: How governing in coalitions affects coalition parties’ responsiveness to voters, Party Politics

Sagarzazu, Iñaki and Heike Klüver (2017): Coalition governments and party competition: Political communication strategies of coalition parties, Political Science Research and Methods 5(2): 333-349

Spoon, Jae-Jae and Heike Klüver (2017): Does Anybody Notice? How Policy Positions of Coalition Parties Are Perceived by Voters, European Journal of Political Research 56(1): 115-132.

Klüver, Heike and Jae-Jae Spoon (2016): Who Responds? Voters, Parties, and Issue Attention, British Journal of Political Science, 46(3): 633-654

Bäck, Hanna, Marc Debus and Heike Klüver (2016): Bicameralism, Intra-party Bargaining, and the Formation of Party Policy Positions: Evidence from the German Federal System, Party Politics, 22(3): 405-417.

Klüver, Heike and Iñaki Sagarzazu (2016): Setting the agenda or responding to voters? Political parties, voters and issue attention, West European Politics, 39(2): 380-398.

Giger, Nathalie and Heike Klüver (2016): Voting against your constituents? How lobbying affects representation, American Journal of Political Science, 60(1): 190–205.

Spoon, Jae-Jae and Heike Klüver (2015): Voter polarization and party responsiveness: Why parties emphasize divided issues, but remain silent on unified issues, European Journal of Political Research, 54(2): 343–362.

Klüver, Heike (2015): Interest groups in the German Bundestag: Exploring the issue linkage between citizens and interest groups, German Politics, 24(2): 137-153.

Lowery, David, Frank R. Baumgartner, Joost Berkhout, Jeffrey M. Berry, Darren Halpin, Marie Hojnacki, Heike Klüver, Beate Kohler-Koch, Jeremy Richardson and Kay Lehman Schlozman (2015): Images of an Unbiased Interest System, Journal of European Public Policy 22(8): 1212–1231.

Zubek, Radoslaw and Heike Klüver (2015): Legislative pledges and coalition government, Party Politics 21(4): 603-614.

Klüver, Heike (2015): The Promises of Quantitative Text Analysis in Interest Group Research: A Reply to Bunea and Ibenskas, European Union Politics, 16(3): 456-466.

Klüver, Heike, Caelesta Braun and Jan Beyers (2015): Legislative lobbying in context: Towards a conceptual framework of interest group lobbying in the European Union, Journal of European Public Policy, 22(4): 447-461.

Klüver, Heike, Christine Mahoney and Marc Opper (2015): Framing in context: How interest groups employ framing to lobby the European Commission, Journal of European Public Policy 22(4): 481-498

Klüver, Heike and Christine Mahoney (2015): Measuring interest group framing strategies in public policy debates, Journal of Public Policy 35(2): 223-244

Klüver, Heike and Jae-Jae Spoon (2015): Bringing salience back in: Explaining voting defection in the European Parliament, Party Politics 21(4): 553-564

Spoon, Jae-Jae and Heike Klüver (2014): Do parties respond? How electoral context influences party responsiveness, Electoral Studies, 35: 48-60.

Boräng, Frida, Rainer Eising, Heike Klüver, Christine Mahoney, Daniel Naurin, Daniel Rasch and Patrycja Rozbicka (2014): Identifying frames: A comparison of research methods, Interest groups & Advocacy, 3(2): 188-201

Klüver, Heike and Iñaki Sagarzazu (2013): Ideological congruency and decision-making speed: The effect of partisanship across EU institutions, European Union Politics, 14(3): 388-407

Klüver, Heike and Toni Rodon (2013): Explaining policy position choice of Europarties: The effect of legislative resources, British Journal of Political Science, 43(3): 629-650

Klüver, Heike and Sabine Saurugger (2013): Opening the black box: The professionalization of interest groups in the European Union, Interest Groups & Advocacy, 2(2): 185-205

Klüver, Heike (2013): Lobbying as a collective enterprise: Winners and losers of policy formulation in the European Union, Journal of European Public Policy, 20(1): 59-76

Klüver, Heike (2012): Biasing politics? Interest group participation in European policy-making, West European Politics, 35(5): 1114-1133

Klüver, Heike (2012): Die Macht der Informationen: Eine empirische Analyse von Lobbyingerfolg in der Europäischen Union, Politische Vierteljahresschrift, 53(2): 211-239

Klüver, Heike (2012): Informational lobbying in the European Union: The effect of organizational characteristics, West European Politics, 35(3): 491-510

Klüver, Heike (2011): The contextual nature of lobbying: Explaining lobbying success in the European Union, European Union Politics, 12(4): 483-506

Klüver, Heike (2010): Europeanization of lobbying activities: When national interest groups spill over to the European level, Journal of European Integration, 32(2): 175-191

Klüver, Heike (2009): Measuring interest group influence using quantitative text analysis, European Union Politics, 10(4): 535-549

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