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Georgetown University
Comparative Politics, African Politics, Citizenship, Migration, Democratization, Institutions
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I study African politics, including citizenship and citizen-formation, contestation and engagement, political institutions, and refugees and migration topics. I work and teach the entire continent, but focus primarily in Eastern Africa, particularly Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti, and Eritrea.  In my free time, I love to hike, bike and read, and play with my two boys.

Recent Publications

Lahra Smith and Lauren Carruth, “Wealthier nations can learn from how tiny Djibouti welcomes refugees,” Washington Post, March 30, 2017.

Adam D. Koon, Lahra Smith, David Ndetei, Victoria Mutiso and Emily Mendenhall, “Nurses’ Perceptions of Universal Health Coverage and its implications for the Kenyan health sector,” Critical Public Health, July 2016

Emily Mendenhall, Gitonga Isaiah, Bernadette Nelson, Abednego Musau, Adam D. Koon, Lahra Smith, Victoria Mutiso and David Ndetei, “Nurses Perceptions of Mental Health Care in Primary Care Settings in Kenya,” Global Public Health: an International Journal for Research Policy, and Practice, July 2016

Making Citizens in Africa: Ethnicity, Gender and National Identity in Ethiopia, Cambridge University Press, 2013

Lahra Smith, “A Disturbance or a Massacre? The Consequences of Electoral Violence in Ethiopia,” in Voting in Fear: Electoral Violence in sub-Saharan Africa edited by Dorina Bekoe, Washington, DC: USIP Press Books, 2012

Lahra Smith “Explaining Violence after Recent Elections in Ethiopia and Kenya,” Democratization, 16, 5, October, 2009, (867-897)

Lahra Smith, “Is Ethnic Federalism Bad for Ethiopian Women?” The Ethiopian Constitutional Law Series, Vol. 2, Faculty of Law, Addis Ababa University, May 2009 (301-350)

Lahra Smith, “The Politics of Contemporary Language Policy in Ethiopia,” Journal of Developing Societies, 24, 2, 2008, (207-243)

Lahra Smith, “Voting for an Ethnic Identity: Procedural and Institutional Responses to Ethnic Conflict in Ethiopia,” The Journal of Modern African Studies, 45, 4, 2007, (565-594)

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