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women, gender, race, ethnicity, immigration, identity, feminism, abortion, reproductive rights, reproductive justice, American politics, presidential power, dystopian government, public opinion
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I am an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department of Rutgers-Camden. I received my Ph.D. from Harvard in May, 2014. My primary area of academic interest is American political behavior, with a focus on race, gender, and politics. For my dissertation research, I conducted and analyzed data from an original survey and a set of in-depth interviews about potential candidates’ expectations about politics, political campaigns, and serving in elective office.  I have published articles, reports, and book chapters on women as candidates, black women in Congress, comparative child care policy, work/family conflict, abortion, feminism in the U.S. and internationally, gay and lesbian rights, and U.S. public opinion.  I have designed and taught courses (as an instructor and as a teaching fellow/assistant) on race, class, gender, American politics, women’s studies, the history of feminism, freshman writing, and futuristic fiction, and I have lectured widely on gender, race, and politics.  I am also a member of the Scholars Strategy Network (profile here).  Starting in January 2017, my book based on my dissertation research (“Out of the Running: Why Millennials Reject Political Careers and Why it Matters”) will be available through NYU Press.

Recent Publications

“Out of the Running: Why Millennials Reject Political Careers and Why it Matters” (2017, NYU Press, single-authored)

“The Right Women: Republican Legislators, Activists, and Partisans,” (2017 forthcoming, Praeger Press, co-editor with Malliga Och)

“Romance, Sexual Attraction, and Women’s Political Ambition,” Sexuality & Culture Journal, May 30 2017 (co-authored article with Laura Lazarus Frankel and Nadia Farjood)
Gender, Diversity, & Methods in Political Science:  A Theory of Selection and Survival Biases,” PS: Political Science & Politics 50(3) (published online 12 June 2017) (co-authored article with Tess Wise)
“What Happened to the Gender Gap in Participation?” (2017); chapter co-authored with Burns, N.; Schlozman, K.; Jardina, A.; and Verba, S., in Banaszak and McCammon, eds: 100 Years of the Nineteenth Amendment, forthcoming from Oxford University Press.
“Making the Political Personal”  Politics & Gender Journal 10(2); 287-292, 2014 (single-authored article).
“What, if Anything, is to be Done?”  (2012); book chapter co-authored with Kay Schlozman, Sidney Verba, and Henry Brady, in Schlozman, Verba, and Brady: The Un-Heavenly Chorus: Unequal Political Voice in America. Princeton: Princeton University Press.
“Culture War?: A Closer Look at the Role of Religion, Denomination, and Religiosity in U.S. Public Opinion on Multiple Sexualities” (2011), co-authored book chapter with Didi Kuo and Katie Levine, in Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the U.S., eds. David Rayside and Clyde Wilcox. Toronto: University of British Columbia Press

“The Status of Women in Leadership in Political Science” (2010), single-authored book chapter in Gender and Women’s Leadership: A Reference Handbook, ed. Karen O’Connor.
Washington, DC: Sage Press
“Toward a Theory of Backlash: Dynamic Resistance and the Central Role of Power,” Politics & Gender Journal 4(4); 623-634, 2008 (co-authored article with Jane Mansbridge).
(translated into French and re-published in Recherches Féministes, May 2012)
Media Coverage
Media Pieces Authored by Shauna:
Corpus Christi Caller-Times (2017): Texas is Deceptive on Fetal Burial Rule” (co-authored with Rhonda Struminger) (NYU Press Blog, 2016):, Op-Ed (2016): Women are Only Tapping at the Glass Ceiling
WalletHub “Ask the Experts” (2015): Best and Worst States for Women’s Equality
MonkeyCage (Washington Post) Op-Ed (2015): Millenials Don’t Want to Run for Office
HippoReads Op-Ed Post (2015): Political Science’s Gender Problem
The Daily Beast (2014): Let’s Help Women Accelerate to Political Leadership”  (co-authored with Marni Allen) 
LA Times Op-Ed: JFK, a pioneer in the women’s movement” (2013)
News and Other Media Citing or Quoting Shauna:
New Jersey Courier-Post (2017): “More Women Get in the Running”
TIME Magazine (2017): Review: “Out of the Running”
Chronicle of Higher Education (2017): Why Millennials Don’t Want to Run for Office
U.S News & World Report (October 2015): “Why Young People Aren’t Interested in Public Service” (September 2015): “Wanted: More Women to Run for Office”
U.S. News & World Report (August 2015): “All Movement, No Momentum”
The New Republic (July 2014): Why are there no female Sheldon Adelsons?
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