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Georgia Southern University
female chief executives, interstate conflict, gender and politics, human rights, women in parliament
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My research examines the political double bind placed upon women leaders and how they navigate this bind in their foreign and domestic policy choices. Specifically, gender stereotypes place extra pressure upon women leaders to exhibit not only leadership traits (traditionally masculine), but also traditionally feminine traits. This pressure forces women to make certain policy choices in order to prove themselves as leader (masculine) or feminine. On the one hand, I have research that has found that gender stereotypes in the double bind make women more susceptible to domestic terrorist activity. On the other hand, more of my research finds that women leaders practice better human rights than men.

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Burns, Courtney and Kyle Kattelman. 2017. “Women Chief Executives: The Political Catch-22 of Counterterrorism.” Journal of Terrorism Research 8 (2): 22-43.

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