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Martin de Almagro
United Kingdom
University of Cambridge
African politics, Gender and Politics, Development, Burundi, Liberia, DRC, Women's movement, Foreign Policy, Peacekeeping, women's participation; Women, peace and Security; United Nations; ethics; public policy
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I am a Marie Curie individual fellow at POLIS, University of Cambridge and Assistant Professor in International Affairs at Vesalius College, VUB, Brussels. My primary research focuses on the United Nations Security Council’s Women, Peace and Security agenda.  I have written extensively on the advocacy around, and implementation of, the Women, Peace and Security agenda at global, national, and local levels in post-conflict contexts. I am currently starting a research project on the linkages between the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and transitional justice mechanisms in Colombia, Liberia, Sierra Leone.  I am particularly interested in poststructural and postcolonial accounts of gender and security and in feminist and interpretive methodologies.

I hold a PhD in Social and Political Sciences from the Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and a PhD in Political Theory from LUISS Guido Carli of Rome (Italy). I also hold an MA in European Studies from the College of Europe and an MPP in Public Policy from the University of Michigan, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship.

My research focuses on gender politics, international security governance and the micro-dynamics of war-to-peace transitions – peacebuilding practices and transnational justice mechanisms – through a critical security lenses. Much of my work investigates concepts and performances of authority, legitimacy and power through these theoretical lenses.

 I have written many articles on these topics for various journals and contributed to several books. I am regularly invited to lecture in various Universities  and to speak in various seminars and conferences in Europe and around the world.

 I have previously worked for the EU delegation before the United Nations, several think tanks and international NGOs.

Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed Articles


  1. “Post-conflict women’s movements in turmoil: the challenges of success in Liberia in the 2005-aftermath”, Journal of Modern African Studies, (with Debusscher, P.), 54:2, Spring 2016, 293-316.


  1. “Parcours croisés d’une internationalisation du militantisme féminin au Burundi et au Libéria”, in Recherches Féministes, 29 :2, 2016


  1. “Politicized discourses: A reflexive approach to the transnational campaign on Women, Peace and Security and its local narratives in Burundi and Liberia”, in Anthropology & Development, 43, Winter 2016.


  1. “Negotiated contestation in Peacebuilding: Maintaining or Transforming Systemic Narratives?” Critical Studies on Security, Vol. 3, Issue 3, 2015


  1. La desglobalización de la sociedad civil: El rebote del boomerang”, en Revista CIDOB d’Affers Internacionals, n. 105, April 2014.


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  1. “How Bureaucracies Listen to Courts: Bureaucratized Calculations and European Law”, with Scott Greer, Law and Social Inquiry, 39 (2): 361-386, 2014


Book Chapters


  1. “UN missions, national institutions, and local civil society: Necessary partners or strange bedfellows in peacebuilding? The cases of Liberia and Burundi”, in R. Marchetti (ed.) Cooperation and Competition between Government and NGOs: Perspectives from Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Routledge, tpb 2017


  1. «La professionnalisation des associations locales des femmes dans la reconstruction post-conflit au Burundi : une stratégie de survie ? », in D. Paternotte and P. Meier (eds.) La professionnalisation des luttes pour l’égalité : enjeux théoriques et politiques, Louvain-la-Neuve, Academia, 2017.


  1. “Negotiating gender security: the transnationalisation of local women activists in post-conflict Burundi and Liberia”, in S. Takhar (ed) Gender and Race Matter: Global Perspectives on Being a Woman, Emerald Group Publishing – Advances in Gender Research Series, August 2016, pp. 107-125.


  1. (with Scott Greer) “What Spain does When Spain cares: Bureaucracy, Preference Formation and Interest Representation in EU Policy Making”, in C. Blanco Sío-López and S. Muñoz (eds./dirs.), Converging Pathways: Spain and the European Integration Process / Itinerarios Cruzados: España y el proceso de construcción europea, Bruxelles, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien [P.I.E. Peter Lang], 2013


  1. (with Jean Frédéric Morin) “Spirals of Contentions: The lifecycle of transnational issues”, in B. Reinalda (ed.) Routledge Handbook of International Organization, 2013, pp. 350-360.



Working Papers


  1. Transitional Justice and Women, Peace and Security. A critical Reading of the EU Framework, London School of Economics, Women, Peace and Security Working Paper Series, WP5, June 2017


  1. EU engagement with local civil society in the Great Lakes region”, Istituto d’Affari Internazionali, WP 1317, Rome, May 2013, ISBN 978-88-98042-88-3



Op-Eds, Magazine Articles, and Commentaries


Les violences faites aux femmes”, Collective des femmes congolaises pour la Paix et la Justice website, January 2012.


“Open letter to Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission”, in L’Europe en débat, ARTE, November 2010



Book Reviews


Wibben, A. (2011) Feminist Security Studies – A Narrative approach, PRIO New Security Studies, Routledge, in e-IR, 2013


Tripp et al. (2009) African Women’s Movements – Transforming Political Landscapes, Cambridge University Press, in e-IR, 2013

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