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Lafayette College
public policy, social policy, regulation, consumer finance, bureaucracy, political engagement, inequality
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Mallory’s research explores how the development, design, and implementation of public policies shape the political behavior of both elites and ordinary Americans. She pays particular attention to policies designed to regulate the economic, social, and political behavior of American citizens and firms. Motivated by events surrounding the 2008 financial crisis, her current work examines how the development of a U.S. political economy of credit influences policymakers’, public interest groups’, and citizens’ engagement in the politics of consumer financial protection and the consequences of that engagement for both political and economic inequality. She has worked in consumer legal advocacy and electoral politics.

Recent Publications

Mallory E. SoRelle. (FC). “Social Welfare Policy.” In Ed. Nancy Beck Young, Oxford Handbook of the New Deal. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Mallory E. SoRelle and Alexis N. Walker. 2016. “Partisan Preemption: the Strategic Use of Federal Preemption Legislation.” Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 46(4): 486-509.

Suzanne Mettler and Mallory SoRelle. 2014. “Policy Feedback.” In Eds. Paul Sabatier and Chris Weible, Theories of the Policy Process. 3rd ed.  Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 151-182. (Rev. Chapter, 2017)

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Mallory E. SoRelle and Alexis N. Walker, June 23, 2017, “Both Democrats and Republicans Care about States’ Rights—when it Suits Them,” Monkey Cage, The Washington Post.

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United States

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