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United States
Arizona State University
Citizenship, inclusion and exclusion, politics of belonging, imperialism and colonialism, cosmopolitanism, transnational feminism(s), politics of language, politics and literature, Turkey, France, feminist political theory, 18th and 19th century political thought, comparative political theory
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I am a political theorist who studies political membership and belonging through the rich history of transnational interaction and exchange between Europe and the Middle East. The contemporary emphasis on the value of globalization does little to conceal the contested character of cross- cultural dialogue and understanding, particularly in the context of relations between the “West” and what is often referred to as “the” Islamic World. I explore the rich history of interaction and exchange between Turkey and France in order to provide theoretically productive points of comparison and contrast for rethinking contemporary dilemmas of inclusion, exclusion, and globalization.

Specifically, my work is driven by three interrelated questions: What role do geographic and cultural borders play in the articulation of political membership, belonging, and identity? How does religion figure into such articulation? How does gender matter in these processes? In two ongoing projects, I seek to answer these questions by examining writings from the Ottoman Empire and France, where articulating the terms of membership and citizenship presented a challenge for the states’ relations to their respective imperial centers and peripheries.

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