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Hungary, Sweden
Central European University, Budapest
regional policy, territorial policy, cross-border cooperation, border policy, Europe, Central and Eastern Europe
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I am a political scientist working broadly around issues of European integration in the context of border-close communities, but also have participated in a range of projects focusing on public policy in Central and Eastern Europe. I work both for Central European University and universities in Scandinavia, and follow research and political developments in both areas.

Recent Publications

Journal articles

Sara Svensson. 2016. Health Policy in Cross-border Cooperation Practices: The Role of Euroregions and Their Local Government Members. Territory, Politics, Governance. Published online 18 Jan 2016. DOI: 10.1080/21622671.2015.1114962

Sara Svensson. 2015. The bordered world of cross-border cooperation: the determinants of local government contact networks within Euroregions. Regional & Federal Studies, 25 (3), 277-295.

Sara Svensson & Carl Nordlund. 2015. The building blocks of a Euroregion: novel Metrics to Measure Cross-border Integration. Journal of European Integration. 37(3): 371-389.

Gergő Medve-Bálint & Sara Svensson. 2013. Diversity and Development: Policy Entrepreneurship of Euroregional Initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe. Journal of Borderlands Studies, 28 (1): 15-31.

Book chapters


Sara Svensson. Forthcoming. “Euroregions — Institutional transfer and reinterpreted norms in East Central Europe”, in Policy Experiments, Failures and Innovations in Post-Accession Central and Eastern Europe  Agnes Batory, Andrew Cartwright and Diane Stone (eds.). Edward Elgar.


Sara Svensson. 2014. “Crossborder regions in policy networks: the EGTC as a tool of interest representation”, in Alice Engl and Carolin Zwilling (eds.), Functional and More? New Potential for the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. Bolzano: EURAC Research, p. 83-88.


Sara Svensson. 2013. Samhällsbyggande över gränsen: Gränsöverskridande regioner som policyide och forskningsfält [Society-building across borders: Cross-border regions in policy practice and research]. In Tomas Mitander, Line Sall and Andreas Ojehag (eds.), Det regionala samhällsbyggandets praktiker: Tiden, Makten, Rummet [The practices of regional society-building: Time, Power, Space]. Gothenburg: Daidalos Publishing House, p. 223-34.


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