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Penn State University
government formation, coalitions, comparative political institutions, parliamentary democracies, Europe
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I study comparative political institutions, particularly government formation and coalitions. For example, which parties enter government cabinets, how long does it take a government to form, how are ministerial posts allocated? Most of this research focuses on European democracies.

I am also writing a co-authored book on multi-level electoral politics, and have a series of papers (with a partially overlapping set of co-authors) examining voting behavior in an internet experiment related to the 2014 European Parliamentary elections. These are both part of the Making Electoral Democracy Work project, funded by a grant from the Canadian SSHRC.

Recent Publications

A New Approach to the Study of Parties Entering Government. 2015. Garrett Glasgow & Sona N. Golder.  British Journal of Political Science. 45(4): 739-754.

Government Formation and Cabinets. 2015. Sona N. Golder.  In Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Wiley).

Portfolio Allocation and the Vote of No Confidence. 2014. Sona N. Golder. & Jacquelyn A. Thomas. British Journal of Political Science. 44(1): 29-39.

Modeling the Institutional Foundations of Parliamentary Government Formation. 2012. Matt Golder, Sona N. Golder & David Siegel. Journal of Politics. 74(2): 1-19.

Who ‘Wins’? Determining the Party of the Prime Minister. 2011. Garrett Glasgow, Matt Golder & Sona N. Golder.  American Journal of Political Science. 55(4): 937-54.

Bargaining Delays in the Government Formation Process. 2010. Sona N. Golder. Comparative Political Studies. 43(1): 3-32.

Measuring Government Duration and Stability in Central Eastern European Democracies. 2010. Courtenay R. Conrad & Sona N. Golder. European Journal of Political Research. 49(1): 119-150.

Media Coverage
Public Radio International’s The World on “The Problem with Coalitions” (May 8, 2012).
Blog post (with Garrett Glasgow) on predicting governing coalitions, featured in the European political science blog, The Plot.
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