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United States
University of Michigan
health politics, feminist theory, race, gender, and political representation, welfare politics, poverty, wrongful conviction, exonerations, the death penalty
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My work sits at the intersections of political theory and public policy and involves applying the insights of feminist and democratic theory to analyze policies affecting marginalized groups. In the past, this has included drawing on feminist democratic theory to evaluate U.S. welfare programs and drawing on feminist theories of motherhood, health, and autonomy to critique the criminalization of drug use during pregnancy. My recent work has focused on women’s health politics, and race and gender bias in the criminal justice system.

I am currently working on a book manuscript on legislative efforts to protect domestic workers’ occupational health, and an article on the exoneration of women via the innocence movement (see “current projects” for more information). My research has been published in Politics Groups and Identities and The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory. 

My work with Frank Baumgartner on racial bias in capital punishment has been featured on the London School of Economics blog and on

Recent Publications

Amanda Grigg and Anna Kirkland, “Health.” Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory eds. Lisa Disch and Mary Hawkesworth. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

Frank R. Baumgartner, Amanda J. Grigg, and Alisa Mastro. “# BlackLivesDon’tMatter: race-of-victim effects in US executions, 1976–2013.”Politics, Groups, and Identities 3.2 (2015): 209-221.

Media Coverage

Vox, “This is What Made Researchers Call a Paper on Race and the Death Penalty #BlackLivesMatter” 

London School of Economics Blog, “Blacks Are More Likely To Be Executed for Killing Whites than for Killing Blacks”

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United States

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