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Queen Mary University of London
Ebola, HIV/AIDS, Global Health, Film, Africa, Global Governance, Development, Aid
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Global politics of health – specifically Ebola, HIV/AIDS, women’s health in developing countries

African Agency

International Development and the role of institutions such as the World Bank and Regional Development Banks

I am currently producing my first feature film on women and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania

Recent Publications

• ‘Ebola, Gender and Conspicuously Invisible Women in Global Health Governance’ Third World Quarterly, (37:3, 2016)
• ‘Norms won’t save you: Ebola and the norm of global health security’ Global Health Governance (forthcoming 2016)
• ‘The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Legitimacy in Global Health Governance’ Global Governance (forthcoming 2016)
• ‘15 years of ‘War on AIDS’: what impact has the global HIV/AIDS response had on the political economy of Africa?’ Review of African Political Economy (2015, 42:145).
• (with Lucy Ferguson) ‘Gender and Infrastructure in the World Bank’ Development Policy Review (2015, 33: 5)
• (with David Williams) ‘Development in Transition’ International Affairs (June 2014)

Media Coverage

• ‘Civil-military co-operation in Ebola and beyond’ The Lancet, December 2015
• ‘Big infrastructure: getting gender and the needs of women wrong’ Open Democracy, July 2015
• ‘Gender-blind global health institutions ignore misery for women in Ebola affected regions’ Open Democracy, March 2015
• ‘WHO must remain a strong global health leader post Ebola’ The Lancet, January 2015
• ‘Ebola virus in the US: how did the disease spread this far?’ The Independent, October 2014
• ‘Ebola crisis in West Africa: where did all the development money go?’ The Conversation, September 2014
• ‘Ebola, Polio and HIV: why it’s dangerous to mix healthcare and foreign policy’ The Guardian, August 2014

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