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Cleveland State University
inequality, redistribution, rental housing, social policy, quantiative methods, urban policy, public administration, poverty, policy analysis
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My research is driven by a concern with social justice and an interest in questions of how social policies are made and the consequences they have for people. My research focuses on two main types of equity-related policies: rental housing and state-level redistribution. In order to answer questions related to these topics, I rely on interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks and, usually though not exclusively, econometric tools of analysis.

The first branch of my research examines the political context and consequences of landlord-tenant laws, including protections for unsubsidized renters and source of income anti-discrimination statutes. A key line of inquiry is whether renters are really better off, in terms of affordability, eviction rates, and housing quality, in states with stricter legal protections.

The second branch of my research concerns state-level redistribution. This research examines the impact of redistributive tax and spending policies on social and economic inequality to provide evidence-based solutions for policymakers concerned with rising inequality.

Recent Publications

Hatch, Megan. E. (Forthcoming, online early view). “Statutory Protection for Renters: Classification of State Landlord-Tenant Policy Approaches.” Housing Policy Debate.

Propheter, Geoffrey and Megan E. Hatch. (2015). “Evaluating Lease-Purchase Financing for Professional Sports Facilities.” Urban Affairs Review, 51(6), 905-925.

Hatch, Megan E. and Elizabeth Rigby. (2015). “Laboratories of (In)equality? Redistributive Policy and Income Inequality in the American States.” Policy Studies Journal, 43(2), 163-187.

Propheter, Geoffrey and Megan E. Hatch (2015). “Evaluating Parking Monetization as a Strategy for Subsidizing Major League Sports Facilities.” Growth and Change, 46(1), 1-15.

Media Coverage

Hatch, Megan E. (2015, December 15). “What Congress Needs to Know about America’s Invisible Anti-Poverty Program.” The Hill.

Hatch, Megan E. and Elizabeth Rigby. (2015). “States Can Fight Growing Economic Inequality through Lowering Taxes on the Poor, and Stricter Labor Market Policies.” USApp- American Politics and Policy.

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