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Tulane University
gender, stereotypes, urban politics, mayors, experiments, research methods, sheriffs, political ambition
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I generally study how gender influences how people engage with politics. This includes investigations of why women have lower levels of political ambition than do men, how people evaluate male and female candidates for political office, and how men and women act when they get to political office. I am also deeply interested in local politics in the United States. As a part of this, I have a book on how gender matters in cities and a set of projects on county sheriffs. My ongoing research is an examination of how fiscal problems of cities – up to and including bankruptcy – influence how voters and political leaders behave.

Recent Publications

Holman, Mirya R. 2014. Women in Politics in the American City. Temple University Press.

Holman, Mirya R., Jennifer Merolla, and Elizabeth Zechmeister. 2016. “Terrorist Threat Masculine Stereotypes, and Candidate Evaluations.” Political Research Quarterly 69 (1): 134-147.

Holman, Mirya R., Monica C. Schneider, and Kristin Pondel. “Gender Targeting in Political Advertisements.” Political Research Quarterly.  68(4): 816-829. Winner of the Political Research Quarterly’s 2016 Best Paper Award.

Holman, Mirya R. 2015. “Gender, Political Rhetoric, and Moral Metaphors in State of the City Addresses.” Urban Affairs Review. Online First.

Holman, Mirya R., Monica C. Schneider, Amanda B. Diekman, and Thomas McAndrew. 2015. “Power, Conflict, and Community: How Gendered Views of Political Power Influence Women’s Political Ambition.” Political Psychology. Online First.

Farris, Emily and Mirya R. Holman. 2015. “Public Officials and a “Private” Matter: Domestic Violence Attitudes and Policies in The County Sheriff Office.” Social Science Quarterly 96(4): 1117-1135.

Cassese, Erin, Mirya R. Holman, Monica C. Schneider, and Angela L. Bos. 2015. “Building a Gender and Methodology Curriculum: Integrated Skills, Exercises, and Practices.” Journal of Political Science Education 11(1): 61-77.

Holman, Mirya R. 2014. “Sex and the City: Female Leaders and Spending on Social Welfare Programs in U.S. Municipalities.” Journal of Urban Affairs 36(4): 701-715.

Farris, Emily and Mirya R. Holman. 2014. “Social Capital and Solving the Puzzle of Black Women’s Political Participation.” Politics, Groups, and Identities 2(3): 331-349.

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