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women, gender, minority women, Muslim women, indigenous women, minority men, ethnic minority, quotas
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My primary interests lie in the study of diversity among elected politicians across countries. I study, for example, the political representation of women across the world; the legislative outcomes of ethnic minority women and men; the impact of armed conflict on women in politics; and the adoption and implementation of ethnic and gender quotas.  In other work, I look at how intimate partner violence affects women’s earnings.

Recent Publications

2016.  Paxton, Pamela and Melanie M. Hughes. Women, Politics, and Power: A Global Perspective, 3rd Edition. Sage Publications.

2016.  Hughes, Melanie M. “Electoral Systems and the Legislative Representation of Ethnic Minority Muslim Women in the West, 2000-2010.” Parliamentary Affairs. Published online January 28. doi:10.1093/pa/gsv062

2015.  Hughes, Melanie M. and Lisa D. Brush. “The Price of Protection: A Trajectory Analysis of Civil Remedies for Abuse and Women’s Earnings.” American Sociological Review 80(1):140‒165.

2015.  Hughes, Melanie M. and Aili Mari Tripp. “Civil War and Trajectories of Change in Women’s Political Representation in Africa, 1985-2010.” Social Forces. Published online February 12. doi:10.1093/sf/sov003

2015.  Hughes, Melanie M., Mona Lena Krook, and Pamela Paxton. “Transnational Women’s Activism and the Global Diffusion of Gender Quotas.” International Studies Quarterly. Published online March 12. doi:10.1111/isqu.12190.

2015.  Paxton, Pamela and Melanie M. Hughes. “The Increasing Effectiveness of National Gender Quotas, 1990-2010.” Legislative Studies Quarterly 40(3):331‒362.

Media Coverage

Documentary Interviews

2012-14.  Raising Ms. President. Documentary interview June 20, 2012. Released 2013.

Press Coverage (selected)

2015.  Chen, Michelle. “How Much Does Domestic Abuse Cost Its Survivors?” The Nation (blog). April 6.

2015.  Robb, Alice. “New study shows economic consequences of trying to leave an abusive partner.” New York Times. March 20.

2015. Merlan, Anna. “Study: Domestic Violence Hurts Survivors’ Finances and Work Stability.” Jezebel. March 20.

2015. North, Anna. “How Domestic Violence Costs Women Money.” New York Times (Op-Ed blog). March 19.

2015. Essential Pittsburgh (radio). “The High Cost of Protection from Abuse.” National Public Radio WESA 90.5. March 16.

2015.  Lam, Bourree. “The Economic Scars of Domestic Abuse.” The Atlantic. March 13.

2015. Preidt, Robert. “Restraining Order Often Costly for Women.” US News and World Report. March 13.

2015. Ribeiro, Flávia. “Mulheres No Poder” (“Women in Power”). Aventuras na História 138 (Janeiro). January 30. (in Portuguese)

2012. Williams, Andréane “La guerre aux femmes.”(“War on Women”) La Gazette des Femme. October 29.

2008. Grabmeier, Jeff. “United States is Just Average in Terms of Women’s Role in Politics, Authors Say.” March 3. Picked up by Associated Press.

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