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University of Pittsburgh
gender, representation, U.S. Congress, elections, parties, campaign finance
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My research focuses on the effects on political representation of exogenous constraints such as political institutions. Most casual observers of politics either ignore or underestimate the importance of these constraints in determining the translation of political actors’ preferences into actual policy outcomes. They think, instead, that if only politicians were sincere agents for their constituents, the views of constituents would seamlessly translate to the correct policy outcomes. But the real story is much more complex, and one that requires the careful consideration of the effects of these constraints in order to better understand the pathologies of representation that are inherent in any political system.

Recent Publications

“Women Don’t Run? Election Aversion and Candidate Entry.” 2015. American Journal of Political Science, 59: 595–612. with Jonathan Woon

The Diversity Paradox: Political Parties, Legislatures, and the Organizational Foundations of Representation in America. with George A. Krause. 2013. Oxford University Press.

“The Hidden Effects of Rules Not Broken: Career Paths, Institutional Rules, and Anticipatory Exit in Legislatures.” 2011. British Journal of Political Science. 41(October):841-57.

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