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Emory University/Dartmouth University/Cornell University
Conflict, Political Violence, Peacekeeping, Security Sector Reform, Gender, Policing, International Security, International Politics, United Nations, African Politics
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Sabrina Karim’s (PhD candidate, Emory University) will start as an assistant professor in Government at Cornell University in 2017.  During 2016-2017, she is a Dartmouth Fellow in U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security She is the co-author of a forthcoming book with Oxford University Press entitled Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping.  She has forthcoming and published work relate to security, peacekeeping, and gender in International Organization, The Journal of Peace Research, International Interactions, and International Peacekeeping. Her research interests include gender reforms in the post-conflict security sector and in peacekeeping, the effect of security sector reform on peace and security, third party involvement in peace processes, and the relationship between conflict-related violence and post-conflict sexual violence.  She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Liberia and Peru, and employs multiple methods in her work including field experiments. She is a recipient of both the Fulbright Fellowship and the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. She received her master’s degree as a Clarendon Scholar from Oxford University and her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University.

Recent Publications

Karim, Sabrina and Kyle Beardsley. (Forthcoming) Equal Opportunity Peacekeeping. Oxford University Press

Beber, Bernd, Michael Gilligan, Jenny Guardado Rodriguez, Sabrina Karim (Forthcoming) “Peacekeeping, International Norms, and Transactional Sex in Monrovia, Liberia,” International Organization

Karim, Sabrina and Kyle Beardsley. 2016. “Explaining Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Peacekeeping Missions: The Role of Female Peacekeepers and Gender Equality in Contributing Countries,” Journal of Peace Research, Vol. 53(1): 100-115

Karim, Sabrina and Ryan Gorman 2016. “Building a More Competent Security Sector: The Case of the Liberian National Police,” International Peacekeeping Vol. 23(1): 158-191

Karim, Sabrina and Kyle Beardsley. 2013. “Female Peacekeepers and Gender Balancing: Token Gestures or Informed Policymaking?” International Interactions, Volume 39(4): 461- 488.

Media Coverage

Beber, Bernd, Michael Gilligan, Jenny Guardado Rodriguez, Sabrina Karim. 2015. ”U.N. Peacekeeping and Transactional Sex,” Monkey Cage Blog Post, Washington Post, June 15

Karim, Sabrina and Kyle Beardsley. 2016. “Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Peacekeeping Missions”, Political Violence at a Glance, January 15, 2016.

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Liberia, Peru, Bangladesh

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