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Willamette University
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  • Gender, human rights, and global governance
  • International justice, transitional justice, gender-based violence, witness testimony
  • Transnational women’s rights campaigns and grassroots activism
  • Critical international relations theory; transnational feminist theory; race and racism in international politics
  • African Studies
  • Qualitative and interdisciplinary methodologies
Recent Publications
  • Language Work at International Criminal Courts, International Feminist Journal of Politics, Special Issue: The International Criminal Court – A Site of Gender Justice, Vol 16 Issue 4, 2014 (access)

Other publications:

  • A Deeper Silence, a review article on research literature on women after genocide in Rwanda in Women’s Review of Books, Autumn 2013.

Current research projects include:

  • Contesting the Norms of International Criminal Justice: Dissent at the Special Court for Sierra Leone (with Latha Varadarajan)
  • ‘Unspeakable Suffering’: Sexual Violence, Survivor Testimony, International Justice in Africa (book manuscript in process)
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