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Arizona State University
Rule of law, state building, gender, NGOs, civil conflict, political violence, human rights
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Milli Lake is an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University’s School of Politics and Global Studies. She completed her doctorate in political science at the University of Washington in 2014. Her work focuses on issues associated with political violence and state-building in weak, developing and post-conflict states, and she focuses predominantly on central and southern Africa. Her most recent projects include an examination of the relationships between post-conflict institution-building and local dynamics of peace and violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), and a comparative analysis of the prosecution of sexual and gender-based violence in DR Congo and South Africa. Her research is published in International Studies Quarterly, World Development, Law & Society Review and the African Conflict and Peace-Building Review. Milli has undertaken short-term consultancy projects for the World Bank, the Human Rights Center at Berkeley School of Law and the International Law and Policy Institute.

Recent Publications


Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains: Aligning Rights and Interests. 2015. Edward Elgar Press. With Margaret Levi, Daniel Berliner, Anne Greenleaf and Jennifer Noveck.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Gendering Justice? Opportunity and (dis)Empowerment through Legal Development Aid in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo”. 2016. Law & Society Review. Volume 50, Issue 3. With Ilot Muthaka (Congo Men’s Network) and Gabriella Walker (National Health Service).

Governing Global Supply Chains: What We Know (and Don’t) About Improving Labor Rights and Working Conditions“. 2015. Annual Review of Law and Social Science. With Margaret Levi, Daniel Berliner, Anne Greenleaf, and Jennifer Noveck.

Building Capacity, Building Rights?’ 2015. World Development. Vol. 72, Pages 127–139. With Daniel Berliner, Anne Greenleaf and Jennifer Noveck.

“Organizing Hypocrisy: Providing Legal Accountability for Human Rights Violations in Areas of Limited Statehood”. 2014. International Studies Quarterly. Vol. 58, Issue 3, Pages 515–526

Ending Impunity for Gender-Based Crimes: A Case Study of the International Criminal Court and Complementarity in the Democratic Republic of Congo“. 2014. African Conflict and Peace-building Review (Vol 4:1).

Envisioning Across Generations: A Multi-lifespan Information System for International Justice in Rwanda“. 2013. Proceedings of CHI. New York, NY: ACM Press. With Yoo, D., Nilsen, T., Utter, M. E., Alsdorf, R., Bizimana, T., Nathan, L. P., Ring, M., Utter, E. J., Utter, R. F., et Friedman, B.

Investigating a New Design Approach in Rwanda“. 2011. Proceedings of iConference. New York: ACM Press, 591-597. With Nathan, L.P., Grey, N.C., Nilsen, T., Utter, E., Utter, R.F., Ring, M., Kahn, Z., and Friedman, B.

Multi-lifespan Information System Design in Post-conflict Societies: An Evolving Project in Rwanda“. 2010. Extended Abstracts of CHI. 2010 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2833-2842. New York: ACM Press. With Friedman, B., Nathan, L.P., Grey, N.C., Nilsen, T. , Utter, E., Utter, R.F., Ring, M., and Kahn, Z

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