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Brett Ashley
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Rice University
alliance, international relations, security, treaty, international cooperation
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Professor Leeds specializes in the study of international relations, and particularly in the design and influence of cooperative agreements and international institutions. Much of her research has focused on the politics of military alliances.

Recent Publications

Chiba, Daina, Jesse C. Johnson, and Brett Ashley Leeds. 2015. Careful Commitments: Democratic States and Alliance Design. Journal of Politics 77 (4): 968-982.

Mattes, Michaela, Brett Ashley Leeds, and Royce Carroll. 2015. Leadership Turnover and Foreign Policy Change: Societal Interests, Domestic Institutions, and Voting in the United Nations. International Studies Quarterly 59 (2): 280-290.

Johnson, Jesse C., Brett Ashley Leeds, and Ahra Wu. 2015. Capability, Credibility, and Extended General Deterrence. International Interactions 41(2): 309-336.

Fang, Songying, Jesse C. Johnson, and Brett Ashley Leeds. 2014. To Concede or To Resist? The Restraining Effect of Military Alliances. International Organization 68 (4): 775-809.

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