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University of Missouri-Kansas City
Voting, European Politics, Elections, Political Behavior
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I am an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  My research focuses on the intersection of elections, voters, and political parties, with an emphasis on Western European voters.

Recent Publications

“Valence and Satisfaction with Democracy: A Cross-National Analysis of Nine Western European Democracies” (2015) European Journal of Political Research. 54(3): 543-562 (with Michael Clark)
“Does the Ideological Dispersion of Parties Mediate the Electoral Impact of Valence? A Cross-National Study of Party Support in Six Western European Democracies” (2014) Comparative Political Studies 47(2): 171-202 (with Michael Clark).

“Partisan Sorting and Niche Parties in Europe” (2012) West European Politics. 35(6): 1272-1294 (with James Adams and Lawrence Ezrow)

“Subconstituency Reactions to Elite Depolarization in the Netherlands:  An Analysis of the Dutch Public’s Policy Beliefs and Partisan Loyalties, 1986-1998” (2012) British Journal of Political Science, 42(1): 81-105 (with James Adams and Catherine De Vries)

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Germany, United Kingdom,

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