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Stanford University
trust in government, future of work and workers, supply chains
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Principle interests:

improving government: trustworthiness of government, productive relationships between citizens and governments, the conditions under which people come to believe their governments are legitimate and the consequences of those beliefs for compliance, consent, and the rule of law.

beliefs and preferences that serve the public good: how organizations provoke member willingness to act beyond material interest.

future of work and workers

understanding and improving supply chains so that the goods we consume are produced in a manner that sustains both the workers and the environment.

Recent Publications

Labor Standards in International Supply Chains: Aligning Rights and Incentives (with Daniel Berliner, Anne Greenleaf, Milli Lake, and Jennifer Noveck). Northampton, Mass: Edward Elgar, 2015.

In the Interest of Others: Leaders, Governance, and Political Activism in Membership Organizations (with John S. Ahlquist). Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2013.

Cooperation without Trust? (with Karen Cook and Russell Hardin). New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2005.

“Aligning Rights and Interests in Global Supply Chains,” (with Daniel Berliner, Anne Greenleaf, Milli Lake, and Jennifer Noveck). Annual Review of Law and Social Science, v. 11, 2015.

“Can Nations Succeed?” Perspectives on Politics, v. 11, no. 1(March) (2013): 187-192.

“Leadership:  What it means, what it does, and what we want to know about it” (with John S. Ahlquist). Annual Review of Political Science, v. 14 (2011): 1-24.

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