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Uppsala University
conflict resolution, mediation, armed conflict, nonviolence, sexual violence
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My overall research interests include conflict resolution and particularly mediation of armed conflict; strategic nonviolence and unarmed insurrections; and conflict related sexual violence. In my dissertation, using survey experiments and interviews, I map and explain different mediator styles of individuals working for peacemaking inter-governmental organisations (IGOs) such as the United Nations, European Union and African Union, but also mediating international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like Crisis Management Initiative, MediatEUr and HDC.

Recent Publications

Svensson, Isak and Mathilda Lindgren. 2013. Peace from the Inside: Exploring the Role of the Insider-Partial Mediator. International Interactions 39(5): 698–722.

Lindgren, Mathilda. 2011. Sexual Violence Beyond Conflict Termination: Impunity for Past Violations as a Recipe for New Ones? ACCORD Policy Paper Brief, published online.

Svensson, Isak and Mathilda Lindgren. 2011. From Bombs to Banners? The Decline of Wars and the Rise of Unarmed Uprising in East Asia. Security Dialogue 42(3): 219–237.

Svensson, Isak and Mathilda Lindgren. 2011. Community and Consent, Unarmed Insurrections in Non-Democracies. European Journal of International Relations 17(1): 97–120.

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