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Inequality, health policy, social policy, welfare state, public health, foreclosure, pensions
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My research concerns the politics of inequality, including inequalities in health, income, and wealth.  My main field of study within political science is comparative political economy, with a focus on the countries of Western Europe and the United States.

I am currently working on a book that asks how national governments in the UK, France, Belgium and Finland approach the problem of trying to reduce inequalities in health status.  A companion paper examines similar policies in the United States.

I have ongoing interests in the link between housing, health, and social safety nets in the US; how members of the public decide which inequalities are fair or unfair; the politics of pensions; and comparative social welfare policy more broadly.

Recent Publications

On the politics of health and health care:

2016 Lynch, J. “Class, Territory, and Inequality: Explaining Differences in the Framing of Health Inequalities as a Policy Problem in Belgium and France.” French Politics 14:1, pp. 55-82.

2015 Cammett M, Lynch J, and Bilev G. “Does Non-State Welfare Provision Promote or Undermine Citizen Trust in Government? The Case of Health Care in Europe” Perspectives on Politics 13:4, pp. 938-957.

2011 Gollust S and Lynch J. “Who Deserves Health Care? The Effects of Causal Attributions and Group Cues on Public Attitudes about Responsibility for Health Care Costs.” Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 36:6, pp. 1061-95.

2010 Lynch J and Gollust S. “Playing Fair: Fairness Beliefs and Health Policy Preferences in the United States.” Journal of Health Policy, Politics and Law 35:6, pp. 849-87.

On the links between health and mortgage foreclosure:

2014 Keene D, Lynch J and Baker AC. “Fragile Health and Fragile Wealth: Mortgage Strain among African American Homeowners.” Social Science and Medicine 119, pp. 119-26.

2011 Pollack C and Lynch J. “Foreclosures Are Killing Us.” Op-ed, The New York Times Oct 2, 2011.

2011 Pollack C, Kurd S, Livshits A, Weiner M, and Lynch J. “A Case-Control Study of Home Foreclosure, Health Conditions, and Health Care Utilization.” Journal of Urban Health 88:3, pp. 469-78.

2010 Pollack C, Lynch J, Alley D and Cannuscio C. “Foreclosure and Health Status.” Issue Brief, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics 15:2 (January/February 2010).

2010 Pollack C, Lynch J, and Griffin BA. “Housing Affordability and Health among Homeowners and Renters.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 29:6, pp. 515-21.

2009 Pollack C and Lynch J. “The Health Status of People Undergoing Foreclosure in the Philadelphia Region.” American Journal of Public Health 99:10, pp. 1833-39.

On pensions and old-age policy:

2014 Lynch, J. “Age politics and pension systems.” In Challenges of Aging: Retirement, Pensions, and Intergenerational Justice, ed. Torp C. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 49-60.

2010 Hinrichs K and Lynch J. “Old-Age Pensions.” In The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State, ed. Obinger H, Pierson C, Castles F, Liebfried S and Lewis J. Oxford University Press, pp. 353-356.

2009 Lynch J and Myrskyla M. “Always the Third Rail? Pension Income and Policy Preferences in European Democracies.” Comparative Political Studies 42:8, pp. 1068-97.

2007 Anderson K and Lynch J. “Reconsidering Seniority Bias: Ageing, Internal Institutions, and Union Support for Pension Reform.” Comparative Politics 39:2, pp. 189-208.

2006 Lynch J. Age in the Welfare State: The Origins of Social Spending on Pensioners, Workers and Children. Cambridge University Press.

On Italian social policy:

2014 Lynch J. “The Italian Welfare State After the Crisis.” Journal of Modern Italian Studies 19:4, pp. 380-88.

2014 Lynch J and Ceretti P. “Welfare in Italy.” In Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Italy: History, Politics and Society, ed. Mammone A, Perini G and Veltri M. Routledge Taylor and Francis.

2009  Lynch J. “Italy: A Catholic or Clientelist Welfare State?” In Religion, Class Coalitions and Welfare States, ed. Kersbergen K van and Manow P. Cambridge University Press, pp. 91-118.

On methodology:

2013 Lynch J. “Aligning Research Goals and Sampling Procedures in Interview Research.” In Interview Research in Political Science, Mosley L, ed. Cornell University Press, pp. 31-44.

2009 Falleti T and Lynch J. “Context and Causal Mechanisms in Political Analysis.” Comparative Political Studies 42:9, pp. 1143-66.

2009 Iwashyna TJ and Lynch J. “Seduction and Insight from Cross-National Comparisons.” Editorial, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 180:9, pp.799-800.

2008 Falleti T and Lynch J. “From Processes to Mechanisms: Varieties of Disaggregation” Qualitative Sociology 31(3), pp. 333-9.

Media Coverage

2011 Dec 30. Sun Sentinel. “Stress of foreclosure can make homeowners ill.”

2011 Oct 29. San Jose Mercury News. “Foreclosure’s financial devastation is only the beginning of the pain.”

2011 Oct 21.  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Cultures of Health blog. “When Dreams are Destroyed by the Foreclosure Crisis, Health Suffers Too.”

2011 Oct 3. The Monkey Cage, Washington Monthly. “Sickening Foreclosures.”

2011 June 21. Marketplace radio. “Latest public health problem: Foreclosures.”

2010 Jan 28. Merced Sun Star. “Foreclosures take heavy toll on hearts and minds.”

2009 Aug 25. Wall Street Journal. “Home Foreclosures and Depression.”

2009 Aug 25. Reuters. “Many facing home foreclosure may have depression.”

2009 Aug 19. US News. “Foreclosures Plunge People Into Depression.”

2009 Aug 18. Time. “One third of homeowners in foreclosure suffer from major depression, study finds.”

2008 Oct 10. NBC News. “Edgy? Coping with an economic panic attack.”

Country Focus
Italy, US, France, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands

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