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University of Edinburgh
Conflict, Civil War, Rebel Groups, Sexual Violence, Political Violence, Gender, Peacebuilding, Transitional Justice, Development, Africa
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My research focuses on the civil war and armed conflict, peacebuilding, and gender relations in Africa. I am specifically interested in the internal dynamics of rebel groups and how they use and control violence. Much of my work focuses on gender, sexual violence, and female participation in war. More recently, I have begun examining (ex)combatants’ post-conflict trajectories, peacebuilding processes, and transitional justice and war reparations. I also lead a new project on women’s peace activism in conflict contexts.

I am currently conducting research in Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. My research methods include qualitative interviews, archival and historical research, and quantitative surveys and social network analysis. I am working on a monograph on the internal dynamics of African rebellion, focusing on rebel survival, violence, and collapse.

Recent Publications

Marks, Z. (2014) ‘Sexual Violence in Sierra Leone’s Civil War: “Virgination”, rape, and marriage’, African Affairs, 113(450): 67-87.

Marks, Z. (2013) ‘Sexual Violence Inside Rebellion: Policies and Perspectives of the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone’, Civil Wars, 15(3): 359-79.


Marks, Z. (2014) ‘Responding to the moral crisis in Chibok and expecting the unexpected’, Democracy in Africa, May 7.

Marks, Z. (2012) ‘Do elections herald the consolidation of peace and democracy in Sierra Leone?’, Democracy in Africa, November 20.

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