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Jessica Maves
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University of Arizona
civil war, nonviolent resistance, repression, democratization, coups, conflict diffusion
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Jessica Braithwaite’s research addresses how repressive activities and institutional characteristics of governments influence (and are influenced by) violent and nonviolent strategies of domestic opposition groups. She also examines the origins of rebel groups, as well as politics and conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Recent Publications

Braithwaite, Jessica Maves & Jun Koga Sudduth. 2016. “Military Purges and the Recurrence of Civil War.” Research and Politics, 3(1) DOI: 10.1177/2053168016630730.

Braithwaite, Alex, Jessica Maves Braithwaite, & Jeffrey Kucik. 2015. “The Conditioning Effect of Protest History on the Emulation of Nonviolent Conflict.” Journal of Peace Research, 52: 697-711.

Braithwaite, Alex, Jeffrey Kucik, & Jessica Maves. 2014. “The Costs of Domestic Political Unrest.” International Studies Quarterly, 58: 489-500.

Maves, Jessica & Alex Braithwaite. 2013. “Autocratic Institutions and Civil Conflict Contagion.” Journal of Politics, 75(2): 478-490.

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