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UK, Canada, separatist parties, Scottish National Party, Bloc Quebecois, Irish Nationalists, Parliament, political parties, law and politics
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Clare did a law degree at the University of Oxford and then trained as an accountant, working for the UK National Audit Office – reporting to Parliament on government programs. That job took her from English prisons to peacekeeping missions in the Balkans. She then studied political science at  the University of British Columbia.

Her research focuses on how political institutions and public services function when a society has deep ethnic, class or regional conflicts. Following that theme, her MA research looked at police reforms as part of the Northern Ireland peace process and her PhD dissertation asked how separatist parties participate in elections and parliamentary activities. Her current research looks at the involvement of separatist parties in policy debates, particularly policy areas that require long-term planning (e.g. pensions and management of public debt) and cross-border co-operation (e.g. water management and environmental protection). In particular, her research focuses on separatist parties in Quebec, Scotland, Catalonia and 19th century Ireland.

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