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University of Texas - Austin
social media, 2016 election, candidate communication, gender in politics, second screening, dual screening
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Broadly, I am interested in the ways in which social media may affect, or accelerate, certain mediated aspects of political processes. First, candidates have long personalized themselves, but social media seem almost perfectly designed to accelerate this process. How does this affect campaigning? Candidates? Where does this “direct to voter” personalization leave traditional media? And the public: how does mediated personalization affect voter evaluations of candidates? How does it shape public interaction with candidates?

Continuing along this vein, my second area of research explores the new ways digital media offers the public to participate in the political process. Specifically, I am interested in second screening during political events, as well during breaking news. How does the additional, and varied, information presented on a second screen further mediate the political process?

Recent Publications

McGregor, S. C., Reis Mourao, R., Neto, I., Straubhaar, J. D. & Anduluci, A. (forthcoming). Second Screening as Convergence in Brazil and the US. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media

Saldaña, M., Sylvie, G. & McGregor, S. C. (forthcoming) Journalism-Business tension in Swedish newsroom decision-making. Journal of Media Ethics.

Saldaña, M., McGregor, S. C. & Gil de Zuniga, H. (2015) Social Media as a Public Space for Politics: Cross-National Comparison of News Consumption and Participatory Behaviors in the United States and the United Kingdom. International Journal of Communication, 9, 23.

Gil de Zuniga, H., Garcia, V. & McGregor, S. C. (2015). What is second screening? Exploring motivations of second screen use and its effect on online political participation. Journal of Communication 65(5), 793-815.

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