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United States
Johns Hopkins University
global commons, ocean, climate change, geopolitics, Earth systems science, nuclear weapons
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Global Commons: My work explores the successes and failures of attempts to define, utilize, and manage non-terrestrial spaces throughout history.

Environmentalism: My interest in the political content of environmentalist thought was piqued as an undergraduate, and revived in recent projects.

Planetary Geopolitics: My focus on the interactions between technology, ecology, and geography at a planetary scale, and political implications.

Recent Publications

“New Earths: Assessing Planetary Geographic Concepts,” in Assembling the Planet: The Politics of Globality After 1945, eds. Rens van Munster and Casper Sylvest, (with Daniel Deudney)

“Green Earth: The Emergence of Planetary Civilization,” in New Earth Politics, eds. Simon Nicholson and Sikina Jinnah, (with Daniel Deudney)

“The Social Construction of the New Arctic,” in The Social Ecology of the Anthropocene: Continuity and Change in Global Environmental Politics, eds. Richard Matthew, Kristen Goodrich, Connor Harron, Bemmy Maharramov, Evgenia Nizkorodov

“Seamounts as Sites for Governance in the ‘Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction,” forthcoming in SAIS Review of International Affairs

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