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University of California, Riverside
2016 Election, terrorism, public opinion, immigration, women and politics
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I specialize in the study of Political Behavior. My research focuses on how the information environment and contexts of threat shape attitudes and political behavior among the public.

Recent Publications



Democracy at Risk: How Terrorist Threats Affect the Public (with Elizabeth J. Zechmeister). 2009. University of Chicago Press, Chicago Studies in American Politics Series.


Refereed Journal Articles


“Terrorist Threat and the Activation of Masculine Stereotypes on Candidate Evaluations” (with Mirya R. Holman and Elizabeth J. Zechmeister). 2016 (online first). Political Research Quarterly. doi:10.1177/1065912915624018


“Descriptive Representation and Evaluations of Government” (with Derek Fowler and Abbylin Sellers). 2014. Politics, Groups, and Identities 2(1): 66-89.


“Descriptive Representation, Political Efficacy and African Americans in the 2008 Presidential Election” (with Abbylin Sellers and Derek Fowler). 2013. Political Psychology 34(6): 863-875.


“Oxytocin and the Biological Basis of Trust in Government” (with Guy Burnett, Paul Zak and Sheila Ahmadi). 2013. Political Behavior 35(4): 753-776.


“Illegal, Undocumented and Unauthorized: Equivalency Frames, Issue Frames and Public Opinion on Immigration” (with S. Karthick Ramakrishnan and Chris Haynes). 2013. Perspectives on Politics 11(3): 789-807.


“What is the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull? Presentations of Palin and Gender Stereotypes in the 2008 Presidential Election” (with Sarah Burns and Lindsay Eberhardt). 2013. Political Research Quarterly 66(3): 687-701.


“Crime, Economic Crisis, and Support for Democracy in Mexico” (with Evis Mezini and Elizabeth J. Zechmeister). 2013. Política y Gobierno: Special Theme volume, 221-251.


“From Coverage to Action: The Immigration Debate and Its Effects on Participation” (with Ivy Melgar, Juana Mora, and Adrian D. Pantoja). 2013. Political Research Quarterly 66(2): 322-335.


“Evaluating Political Leaders in Times of Terror and Economic Threat: the Conditioning Influence of Politician Partisanship” (with Elizabeth J. Zechmeister). 2013. Journal of Politics 75(3): 599-612.


“Charismatic Rhetoric in the 2008 Presidential Campaign: Commonalities and Differences” (with Michelle Bligh, Jean Reith Schroedel and Randall Gonzales). 2013. Presidential Studies Quarterly 43(1): 101-128.

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